SIMCOE 3:60 is a nostalgic reflexión of the events lived during COVID-19, seeking to draw a collective consciousness with regards to the possibilities ahead of the pandemic.

Creator: Libelula Inc.

Creator Instagram: @libelula.motion

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Li Xu created this video during the quarantine due to the travel restrictions in China. Li captured the moment when the three-minute silence of commemoration for those who passed away during the pandemic overlapped with the view of doctors in Personal Protective Equipment in front of her hotel room. 

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One who Lives in the Window 住在窗里的人Qingying Sun
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Qingying Sun is an international student majoring in Music Business at New York University and currently living in Nanjing, China. She wrote the song "One who Lives in the Window" (Chinese: 住在窗里的人) when COVID-19 broke out in New York. Below is her artist statement:


“At that time, New York University suddenly decided to close its dorms and encouraged students to depart ASAP. I felt desperate as I realized that I may not have any place to live in New York and would have to get back to China, regardless of potential travel bans and risks of getting affected by the virus when I was on my trip. So I wrote the song for the purpose of comforting everyone who has no idea of how to react to the COVID-19/post COVID-19 situation.” 

"One who lives in the Window 

Looking forward to 

Dark clouds dissipating


Nothing can be done

All the changes happened too soon

Haven’t remembered

the last moment of safety and peace"