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Quarantine Record - Artist Statement 


by Li Xu

edited by Sherry Liu

My name is Li Xu, and I created this artwork in China. This video is called Quarantine Record.


Due to the situation of the spreading of coronavirus, I was stuck in the quarantine hotel for 14 days and was not able to walk out of the room at all. On my left side, there was a window, and on my right side there was a peephole on the door, these were the only two ways I could access the outside world. This was a very unusual experience, and it made me eager to record this restricted kind of life, with my limited tools under this particular circumstance.


In the hotel, there were lots of doctors wearing layers of protective suits, walking around in the corridor. Every day they had to deliver food and items we ordered for us, as well as doing examinations for us. On April 4th, China had a period of 3-minute silence to commemorate those who passed away on their way of fighting the epidemic. I combined these two elements together, as they were the two kinds of information I observed through the window and the peep-hole during the quarantine.


I also created a drawing to be viewed together with the video. As these were all views from my eyes as an observer, I wanted to clarify and emphasize this in my drawing. On the

opposite of my video, as I recorded what was happening outside, the drawing helped reveal the quarantine/in-door situation. This was the only way the observer could access outside and was the continuous moment happening in the video that was hard to be identified.


Li Xu

Video created on 2020/04/05

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