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We Are Together 2020

Donation Documents

Director: Sherry (Chunqing) Liu

Donations for COVID-19 research have been made after the publication sale ended. A total of CA$260 of donations were made in two installments each to the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. Donation documents can be viewed in the gallery below.

The WAT2020 project has come to an end as all the events and donations have been successfully delivered. All of our team members who are returning university students this fall have been extremely grateful for the experience with WAT2020. We are glad that this initiative was able to support COVID-19 research, artists, frontline workers, and international students and travelers through an artistic approach that has reached and gathered many global citizens. 


We love this community and wish to continue sharing more meaningful artworks in the future, whenever possible. Thank you very much for joining this journey with us, and we urge you to continue creating and sending your voice out in the world, especially during this unprecedented time. 


Our email: 

Please send all inquiries/submissions to this email. 


The pandemic will eventually end, but our memories of this time will live on.

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