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My COVID-19 Story as a Small Business Owner


by Nan Nan

translated by Sherry Liu & April Yin

I am a wholesaler of a small organic health product shop in Richmond, BC. Facing the pandemic, it was only right for us to contribute as much as we could. Ever since February, I have been staying on the front line providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, hazmat suits, goggles, face shields, disinfectants, alcohol, and other equipment in short to those in need. We also donated the remaining supplies to the St. Paul's Hospital for the medical workers, so they can protect themselves while helping patients.


On this smokeless battlefield of the pandemic, tens of thousands of businesses went bankrupt, many gone unemployed, and millions lost their lives. However, life still goes on, and the world remains beautiful as it always has been. When the sun rises in the morning, our hearts will be filled with gratitude.


-- Nan Nan

Owner of North American Ginseng 






-- 南南


North American Ginseng - Nan Nan 1.jpg

Medical personnel from the St. Paul's Hospital receiving the mask donation from Nan Nan

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